Station chronicles

Our reporter managed to break into a bar at one of the private stations.

An old friend, Captain Cogito, politely agreed to be my traveling companion.

You can enjoy the best and always fresh drinks of the Empire, beautiful and comfortable chairs are waiting for their visitors.

Not everyone will be able to enjoy the best interiors in the galaxy. A strict face control service will not allow people with low social responsibility, vagrants, suicidal people to pass through.

On the screens of personal monitors you can watch the latest grand slam tournament matches and place bets. And also, of course, stock indices Jita non-stop-24 hours.

A representative of the Eftrie company suggests that I do planetary research.

Here I first saw a huge piece of “data chips” material that forms the base for an integrated circuit. Planetary product.

I met an old friend from the ice belts of Halaima. She was in an evening dress, about which I paid a greasy compliment to an old friend.

Representatives of the nobility, as well as rich miners, can discuss their affairs here in a cozy atmosphere, and they can also meet the best Amarr courtesans here.

The best minmatar mate in original calabashes, removes any amarr black breaking from “vitoc“. After a cup of this wonderful sweet drink, people really become free and liberated.

Intimate intergalactic services, as always, are provided by the company “sesve”, the best jeweler of your erotic fantasies.

Grand Slam Grand Prize (life-size model, the real one is made from remelted plex`s).

the best dancers of the galaxy will plunge you into the fire of passions

Priestesses of love will be able not only to drown you in bliss, but also tell fortunes on the mysterious stone of Thera.