Space Guests

Along with the change of the standings to the Triglavians, there are cases of changes in the appearance of some capsuleers.

The Pochven changes capsuleers beyond recognition. This group of pilots who have just docked at the station calls themselves the “Sunny People”.

Blust of direct solar radiation is ruthless. But for us, they all look the same…

How Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is one component of solar radiation, so Inhabiting Abyssal Deadspace are the Triglavian Collective.

Triglavian space is filled with violence. What affects the nature of these capsuleers. They look at you like food. Thank God we are at the station in high-sec.

At any moment they are ready to die. Therefore, they consider implants to be toys. Give implants to children! that’s what they say when it comes to cloning technology and infomorph psychology.

The ongoing war with Edencom is not only affecting the pilots of these opposing sides. But ordinary pilots often fall under the hot hand of triglavins, even in sectors with a high security status.

According to the news, the Triglaivans are targeting “young blue stars.” So be careful girls. Do not sunbathe for a long time if the star is blue.

His name is Albedo. Albedo is the ability for a surface to reflect the suns solar radiation. Old sinds cast long shadows.